The Catholic Church is known not only for its religious doctrine and beliefs, but also for the service organizations that help millions of people around the world all in the name of God. Eduardo Escalante has always tried to help those in need throughout his life and so when the opportunity to join the Knights of Columbus arose, he took it. By joining the Knights, Eduardo has become a member of a storied Catholic fraternal service organization that focuses on working with low-income immigrant Catholic families in their new countries of residency. By helping others in their time of need, Eduardo is able to better himself as well as their lives.

The Knights of Columbus were founded in Connecticut in 1882 by Father Michael McGivney, an Irish-Catholic priest. He created the order when he saw the difficulty many immigrant Catholic families were facing when coming to the United States of America. The struggles would truly pick up when the main income earner would die and the widow and children would have no one to turn to for help. The Knights were originally founded as a mutual benefit society so that these families would have insurance and some sort of safety net in case tragedy struck. As an active member, Eduardo Escalante works with families around Canada to help improve their lives and make the transition to Canadian life as easy and seamless as possible.

The Knights of Columbus have changed a bit since their creation but they still continue to focus on immigrant families and social safety nets for Catholics everywhere. The Knights have increased their focus from just immigrant Catholic families to people of all races and religions. There is a new focus on helping the physically and developmentally disabled as well as an importance placed on disaster relief in countries around the world. The organization is also involved in politics; pushing for legislation that supports the Catholic way of life and the beliefs of the church in all countries that have active chapters. Eduardo Escalante is proud to be part of an organization that maintains its traditions and does so much good all around the world.